Clinical Trials BC website coming Fall 2017

The BC Academic Health Science Network (BC AHSN) is currently working to integrate clinical research support activities of BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) into the BC AHSN organization.

Clinical Trials BC has been approved as the new name for this unit under BC AHSN. The name reflects a focus on advancing BC as a world leader in clinical trials, a direction endorsed by key stakeholders and the BC AHSN Board.

BC AHSN will launch a new Clinical Trials BC website in Fall 2017. For more information about the transition, visit the Clinical Trials BC page of the BC AHSN website.

We sincerely thank those who volunteered their time and efforts in advancing clinical research in BC through previous BCCRIN task forces. Future opportunities to contribute will be posted on the new Clinical Trials BC website or through BC AHSN e-news updates.

Ongoing activities

Throughout this transition, a number of services continue to be available, including regulatory and quality support services and compliance training and workshops. In addition, a number of initiatives are continuing in the meantime. They include:

Canadian Clinical Research Participation Survey

This initiative aims to engage and learn from patients and the public about their clinical trial experience, especially people who have declined to participate in a clinical study. Any Canadian who was ever invited to participate or enroll their child in a clinical trial was eligible.

The survey enrollment closed April 30, 2017 with 1,000 responses in both French and English.  The results are currently being analyzed and will be communicated in the Fall.

Supported in part by the Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre.

BC Showcase

BC Showcase – Explore what British Columbia’s clinical research infrastructure has to offer. Learn more about the experienced investigators, research institutes and support units that enable BC as a premier location to conduct your clinical trial.

You can also visit the Canadian Clinical Trials Asset Map, a searchable, Web-based database designed to communicate Canada’s clinical research strengths.

Clinical Research Professional Certification Program

This program aims to support clinical research professionals working at BC based research sites in certification from the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA).



For more information, please visit the BC AHSN Clinical Trials BC page. You can also contact us for questions/requests related to:

  • Clinical Trials BC Transition Project
Deirdre Rogers
  • Compliance training
  • Quality or regulatory resources
  • Regulatory consultation
Jean Smart
  • Canadian Clinical Research Participation Survey
  • BC Showcase
Alison Orth

Professional Development/Education
  • Clinical Research Professional Certification Program
Erin Cherban
  • ACRP E-learning Program
  • CITI Program
  • N2
Deirdre Rogers