December 10, 2015 - Announcing the Canadian expansion of the Clinical Research Participation Survey

The British Columbia Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) is a collaborative partnership of provincial health authorities, universities, industry associations and funding agencies, a first of its kind, focused on transforming the clinical research and clinical trial landscape in British Columbia, thereby enhancing our ability to compete in what has become a highly competitive global marketplace for clinical research.

To achieve these goals, we must develop best-in-class research processes and infrastructure to support clinical and translational research personnel and activities. The net result of the BCCRIN efforts should be the attraction of significant inward investment into British Columbia with resultant job creation and improved access to innovative medicines and diagnostics. This network has the potential to profoundly alter the clinical landscape in Canada and become a gold standard center for clinical research worldwide.

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In late 2011, BCCRIN completed a robust business plan, outlining the six key priorities of the Network and a framework for transforming the BC clinical trials landscape. Stakeholders in BC, Canada and abroad were consulted on the development of the plan, resulting in a roadmap for BC that addresses key concerns of industry and research sites alike. Several of our main objectives for 2012 are listed below:

  • Implementation of Strategy on Recruitment and Retention, including initiation of a clinical trial participation survey designed to generate key data on the decision making process participants use to give or not give consent to trials.
  • Completion of an Economic Analysis of the clinical research sector in BC, which will provide valuable benchmarking data from which to set performance metrics for BCCRIN and our research centres
  • Continuation of current progress to streamline and harmonize clinical research practices and processes and remove barriers to enable expedited clinical trials and improved