Business Plan Objective

 2012 Actions


Create a strategy for patient recruitment and retention.


Recruitment Symposium – VCHRI / BCCRIN

Participant Survey

General Public Opinion Poll

BC Consent to Contact Program

6 March 2012




Provide systems that will expedite clinical trials, beginning with contract negotiations.


BCCRIN Contracts Task Force

National mCTA pilot project

Clinical Research Metrics

Clinical Research Costing

Formed in 2010

31 March 2012

Q2 /3 2012

Q2 /3 2012

Provide professional development, standardization of clinical research quality, methodological and technological support for researchers and personnel.


Professional Development Strategy; training, mentoring, certification

Quality Management Initiative; SOPs and data management systems, best practices

Research Methodology and Technology Task Force (SPOR)

Q3 /4 2012



Provide internal communication and external marketing to position BC as a leader in clinical research.

Completion of an Economic Analysis of the clinical research sector in BC

Development of BCCRIN Website

BCCRIN promotional materials – brochure




Incorporate innovative trial design and execution, new technology, methods and science including genomic, proteomics and personalized medicine info clinical research.

Task Force formation (part of CIHR SPOR Support Unit)

Collaboration with Personalized Medicine Initiative


Currently underway

Market and promote BC as a premier location for clinical trials to increase investment by industry and other organizations.

Develop BCCRIN Communications Strategy

Designation of CMO role

Clinical Trial Leaders Council

Patient Advisory Council

Q2 2012