The Quality Management Task Force is focused on providing a quality systems educational approach to encourage BC’s research centres to produce high quality clinical research that meets or exceeds international standards.

The goals of the Quality management Task Force are:

  • To ensure that research is conducted in a safe and supportive environment meeting international standards for regulatory compliance
  • Develop, implement and continuously evaluate a quality and compliance platform for BCCRIN-affiliated organizations

Setting up a GXP or quality environment in a research institution, agency or company where none exists can seem a very daunting task.  This is certainly the case where there are limited resources and personnel with quality expertise along with a lack of understanding of what is involved in taking on quality initiatives.

There are new initiatives being discussed in British Columbia and in other Canadian jurisdictions for the establishment of a regulatory compliance quality program with systems that can be used as templates for research institutions and agencies.  This approach would provide organizations with pre-developed quality management tools, quality education and assistance with the implementation.  The main objectives are to achieve regulatory compliance and move into the realm of quality improvement for research. Read More