BCCRIN is pleased to present the first Clinical Trials and Preclinical Infrastructure Asset Map for British Columbia. This document, which was developed by International BioPharma Solutions Ltd., strives to paint a portrait of existing infrastructure and clinical trial activity in the province. The document will be used by the community to understand BC’s strengths and to identify opportunities to build on past investments and successes to create a world class clinical research enterprise for the province. The Asset Map provides a wealth of information on the tremendous research strengths we have in British Columbia. To access the Asset Map in pdf format, click here

To better showcase our research sites and investigators, BCCRIN has made the Asset Map available in an online, live database. This easy to navigate database is equipped with search functions, tools to export data to PDF or Excel and functions to allow sites to update their information. New sites and investigators complete the online form to upload their information into the database, ensuring information remains current.

To access the BCCRIN Asset Map Database, click here