BC’s strengths in clinical research include the structure of the healthcare system,  the quality and integrity of clinical research practice, and the outstanding clinicians, researchers and organizations with concrete successes in HIV, cardiology, cancer, genomics and proteomics to name only a few.  There is significant existing clinical research infrastructure such as clinical trial support units, technology and informatics platforms and organizations providing clinical research services. In addition, BC has a track record in establishing successful health related spin-off companies.  As a very conservative estimate least $280 million was invested in clinical research in 2009/10 ($260 million for PHSA, VCH and PHC and $20 million for other health authorities). This investment was a combination of research grants, industry sponsored research and private donations.   In addition, between 2005 and 2010 there were 2100 clinical trials in 59 clinical trials units/sites, centres, and study sites, and 560 investigators received funding for trials

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