Until recently, there has been little effort to engage and learn from patients and the public about their encounters with the clinical trial process.

The British Columbia Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) is improving this by providing a unique opportunity for patients or healthy volunteers to provide input and advice on their experience with clinical trials, especially people who have declined to participate in a clinical study.  This survey will enable patients or research participants from across the country to help inform Canadian clinical research practices around patient engagement and communications about clinical trials, building from the information already collected in BC in the first phase of this initiative. Read our recent news release to learn more. Read our recent release to learn more (French).

The survey can be accessed at:

Researchers and Participating Sites

Survey News and Updates

Survey Promotion Materials

For access please contact Alison Orth at


BCCRIN is looking to facilitate survey recruitment Canada Mapby providing research sites or institutions with a way to become
involved and help gather data particular to their region or therapeutic area of study that could inform their own research practice.  The survey is web-based and there are several REB approved recruitment materials that can be used to post the survey link on your website, in a newsletter, in a mailout, on social media or by handing out a card with the URL link to the survey.

Previous experience with earlier phases showed that the support and promotion of the survey by the researchers themselves was THE most successful method of recruitment.  Of particular interest are the pediatric participants, those that decline to participate or those that were interested but failed screening.   To learn more or become a participating site, please contact the Project Manager Alison Orth at

Please do forward this notice to your communications team or colleagues that might also be interested.