BCCRIN Clinical Research Professionals Certification Program

BCCRIN is pleased to announce its Clinical Research Professionals Certification Program for 2016. This program aims to support clinical research professionals working at BC based research sites in achieving SoCRA certification. BCCRIN will fund up to 25 people in 2016. Details of the program and information on how to apply are found below.

Why is BCCRIN Doing This?

* Fostering certification is one of BCCRIN’s 6 key priorities and falls within the quality management and professional development task force objectives.
* Certification has the potential to improve protocol compliance and clinical trial quality.
* A certification program sets BC apart from other jurisdictions in Canada and increases our competitiveness.
* So far, BCCRIN has enabled the certification of over 30 clinical research professionals!

What are the benefits of certification?

SoCRA established the Certification Program for Clinical Research Professionals (CCRPs) in order to create an internationally accepted level of knowledge, education, and experience by which clinical research professionals will be recognized by the medical research community.

Benefits of Certification include;

* Evidence of experience and qualification
* Validation of competency when considering a new employee
* Potential reduction of risk to research participant

There is evidence to show that regulators believe certification result in fewer errors, lower costs, more rapid turnaround, and greater safety in clinical trials when certified professionals are involved. http://www.acrpnet.org/PDF/Informa_Healthcare.pdf
Certification advances the clinical research profession by enhancing research participant safety, regulatory compliance, and the public’s understanding of clinical trials.
For employers, certification can serve several purposes from providing evidence of experience and qualifications of clinical research personnel, to validating competency when considering a new employee.

Am I eligible for the program?

In order to be considered for SoCRA certification, you must be a current member of SoCRA working with GCP guidelines under IRB/EC/REB approved (or specifically exempted) protocols. Please visit the SoCRA website for complete information on eligibility www.socra.org

How do I apply?

  • Visit the SoCRA website at www.socra.org
  • Complete the SoCRA application form
  • Submit your application to SoCRA, along with your CV
  • Prepare a letter to BCCRIN detailing why certification is important to you and how it will benefit you in your role as a clinical research professional. Tell us about your career aspirations
  • Submit a copy of your SoCRA application, CV and letter to BCCRIN by Friday March 18th, 2016

Applications will be reviewed by BCCRIN. Successful candidates for the BCCRIN Program will be notified by March 25th for the May 6th, 2016 exam. Twenty-five spaces are allocated.

How much does it cost?

Fees for the SoCRA exam are $195 US per person. The SoCRA membership fee is $75 per year. The total per person cost is $270 US. BCCRIN will reimburse up to 25 successful program applicants for 80% of the program costs ($216 per applicant) upon receiving notification of successful outcome on the exam. Send us a copy of your certification notice.

When is the exam?

2016 Exam Date and Location
Date: Friday May 6th, 2016
Time: 2:00PM to 6:00PM
Location: John Jambor Room, BC Cancer Agency, 600 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver

How do I prepare for the exam?

BCCRIN will host an exam preparation series starting April 2016 to help you get ready. Details will be provided to those who qualify.

Will you publish the my name when I get certified?

BCCRIN will announce the names of newly certified clinical research professionals on the website, with your permission.


Contact us with your questions.