Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team (EMT) is responsible for providing governance to BCCRIN.  The EMT will;

  • be responsible for the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan for BCCRIN;
  • oversee funding efforts, in the form of grant applications and other appropriate opportunities;
  • monitor the progress of BCCRIN and provide oversight to the Director, Operations;
  • ensure the financial integrity of BCCRIN, including approval of the annual operating budget.

The EMT is composed of five individuals who represent the major stakeholders of clinical and translational research in British Columbia, plus the BCCRIN Director, Operations.   Three members will be elected who represent Health Research Institutes; one member must be a Regional Representative from outside of Vancouver; and one member must represent the Life Sciences sector.

The following qualifications are prerequisite for a position on the BCCRIN EMT;

  • hold a senior administrative position within a BC organization / institution with an active clinical research program and / or,
  • have experience serving on elected boards for public or private health sciences related enterprises and / or,
  • stature, influence, leadership, and visibility within health sciences sector.

In addition, at least one member must hold an Associate Dean appointment at UBC.  The current members of the BCCRIN EMT are;

The EMT meets approximately 8 to 10 times per year.