Task Forces

The work of the BCCRIN Task Forces has been most notable. They are composed of subject matter experts who have facilitated the development of BCCRIN’s strategy in the key areas of: contract harmonization, professional development, quality systems, research methodology and technology, and business development. 


The Research Contracts Task Force is working towards contract harmonization and reciprocity through: harmonization of key clinical research and clinical trial requirements; and building gold standard capabilities to support clinical research.  This team is responding to the national model clinical trial agreement (mCTA) initiative coordinated by ACAHO, Rx&D and CIHR. Click here to learn more.


The Professional Development Task Force is working on career development for clinical research professionals, including certification and mentoring programs. It has proposed investments in human resources to improve the recruitment and retention of the sector’s ‘best and brightest’.  Click here to learn more.


The Quality Management Task Force is focused on providing a quality systems educational approach to encourage BC’s research centres to produce high quality clinical research that meets or exceeds international standards.  Click here to learn more.


The Research Methodology and Technology Task Force is taking a collaborative approach to providing methodological resources technology support through an initial needs assessment and then a subsequent action plan.  Click here to learn more.


The Business Development Task Force has successfully doubled funding for BCCRIN from research institutes, health authorities and industry over the past two years. It has managed the writing of the business plan and will oversee the future business development activities. Click here to learn more.


The BCCRIN Recruitment and Retention Task Force is committed to identifying and implementing innovative methods to integrate, inform and engage British Columbians in clinical research. Members of the task force will develop patient centred recruitment and retention strategies to assist researchers, institutions and health authorities in achieving these goals.